Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Do NOT order from Susan's Shop of Dolls for your Integrity products. Not only do they not keep their stock on old items updated on their website, they also have the most atrocious customer service around.

And god forbid you share a credit card with someone else. Liz just had a nightmare dealing with them in regards to a credit card she shares with her grandmother. I can't imagine how many people share credit cards with their husbands/partners that would be treated the same way.

It would be one thing to say "Please use a different credit card or send a MO", instead she spent two days berating Liz and telling her to "spend her time getting a credit card in her own name" and refusing to call the credit card company to verify that Liz is indeed a person that shares that account (and that her name is the name that's even on the card!!).

She was downright condescending and rude. That is not how you treat customers, you don't lecture them or try to berate them like children.

Again I say, do not give this woman your business. The last time I dealt with someone who acted this way was with Catrina Sanders who ran Dollfair (and stole over $13,000+ from customers that still have no resolution all these years later).

There are many reputable Integrity dealers that are far more professional and offer excellent customer service.


Liz said...

She told me that i could send her a money order, and when i asked her about having my grama give a verbal verification, which she said was unacceptable - but we have had the CC company call my grama to verify a charge before) i said i would send her a MO if this wasnt acceptable...

then she said...i offered you to pay via money order but i guess thats not good enough

Im like.......what the fuck....DIDNT I JUST SAY...ILL PAY AS A MONEY ORDER IF GETTING HER OK ISNT OK...and once again I am having my grandmother call to double check my address and everything.

Seriously...this is our first time ordering these dolls as new club members and i havent come across a more rude person. Tabby has had wonderful dealings with Treasured Dolls, and i have with MLS dolls. I spent half an hour talking to her on the phone yesterday about collecting and how she does the preorders and how once you establish yourself with a dealer its very helpful with getting the dolls. She managed to grab me 5 of my 8 and i couldnt be happier. Both of us I think for sure have found a dealer we both will love to work with from now on.

Verona said...

I'm so sorry! I haven't really experinced anything like this when I buy things online (I'm a fee-bay fanatic), but I won't buy anything from those sellers! Thanks for the warning!

Ebony Nicole said...

I really hate hearing this because I have been buying dolls from Susan since the fall of 2008! Now I will say her guard is up maybe when people are ordering from her the first time however, once you show her after the first buy that your are not trying to rip her off I think Susan will trust you a little bit more! I meet Susan at my first doll show and every year after that she has become a really cool person! I'm sorry you had to go through that for your first time buying this serious of dolls!

Tabitha (lovelovekitty) said...

Ebony Nicole - I'm glad you at least have a good experience. I seriously think there is something flawed with being so distrustful to new customers that you berate them for sharing an account with someone.

While I can understand being cautious, especially when you own a business, it is INCREDIBLY unacceptable to me to berate a new customer to, and I quote, "Spend your time applying for a credit card in your own name." before voiding their order after the customer stated they would be glad to send you a money order. Liz was never defensive in any of her emails, and worked to try to resolve whatever problem they were having. Susan responded with the most unprofessional behavior I've ever seen, save for my experience with Catrina Sanders (Dollfair).

Again, I am more then relieved to hear that she treats you well. As for me personally and anyone else coming into this without an established relationship with her, I will never trust my money in the hands of someone with that kind of unprofessional attitude.

Cat said...

I ordered a Silent Partner Romain Perrin from her this past week, but up until then I had never ordered from her. I didn't experience any problems, but that isn't to say I didn't just get lucky. I hate hearing about anyone having trouble like Liz had to experience. I hope she gets things straightened out and that something better comes along despite all the trouble she had to go through up to this point. I will be ore careful when dealing with her in the future. IF I deal with her in the future.

Liz said...

I ordered about a month ago a DG Gavin and a Rupaul workout doll because she had them at some decent prices. A week went by and i kinda sent a email asking for a heads up of my order. She said everyone was sick, and the person at the warehouse was new and they couldnt find the items and she was going herself to find them...but then they were out of stock. Telling me they sold the week before.

I talked to the CC company, and theres only two ways to advoid this, one is change the address to mine, but i want my grama to still be getting the bill, the other she said was just to change the shipping address to my grandmothers. I send that earlier to her today, saying...i never looked at the main page, tabby just sent me a email with the link for her and i went boom! and ordered, i never had problems so i assumed it was alright...and asked if she this one time could just change the shipping to my grandmothers and i would get it from her when it came in.

Liz said...
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pattidolls said...

What difference does it make what name is on the card? I work for a major media company and I take credit card payments for bills all day and it doesn't have to be in the account holders name. We don't ask and we don't care, we will gladly take anyone's money.

pattidolls said...

Oh, was it declined because the address was different? mmm I have had that happen and I would have to change the billing address to the address associated with the credit card. But that is an easy fix in our billing system.

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