Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here's some pictures of Hekate, my Brides of Dracula Mina (second version). Liz de-fanged her and changed her lip color for me.

I did her hair, it was a learning experience to learn how to do the half up and half down style with prerooted hair without having to cut anything. I made some "bobby pins" out of jewelry wire to help hold it all together. After getting the up do done, getting the tight curls in it was the easy part.

Hekate is the Lich-Queen of the Sorrowlands... she's just hanging around the Villa's kitchen to cause trouble (as usual)


"You don't even have to say a word... I am indeed the most beautiful walking corpse you will ever see."

Monday, January 30, 2012

Gen In the Kitchen

Gen is just hanging out in the kitchen... this is my first foamcore diorama and I must say, it was so much less drama then the MDF diorama I did in the past. I am never going back to MDF. Foamcore forever! (Special thanks to Robin for answering my annoying questions about it.. check out her photostories, I absolutely love them!)

I kind of can't wait until Ivy is an age where I can make her foamcore rooms for her Barbies too... there is something magical in a child's destruction of things. It's almost like they understand destruction on a level we forget about as we get older.

Genesis' faceup is by Liz
Genesis' rooting/hairstyle by Me

"What the hell am I making for dinner tonight?"