Monday, October 8, 2012

Just Some New Faces...

Hey everybody!

Just updating with some pictures of new folks (or old folks with new things). I'm really not on any kind of particular hiatus - Ivy is, to say the least, an incredibly exhausting child and with the other little one brewing.. I really have just felt like sleeping after she goes to bed (the time I usually reserve for doll things). Even now I've been up waaay too late, but I really wanted to share some things with you guys!!

First up, I decided a while ago to root Phina another head - this time in mohair. I really love mohair on dolls, it has a very etheral and dreamy look. Since Phina is half siren, it gave her a really nice beachy look which I like for my siren girls! Liz (dutifully) gave her another faceup. I think she's really pretty! I might have her intensify her eyeliner and smoky eye a little more... but I really love her alot! Liz also knitted her awesome bag... she knits lots of nice things (and she'll sell them too if you ask!). I made Phina's top and pants.

Next up is a new face. Her name is Ellaria Nightsong and she is my gypsy girl. She is a fortune-teller and is pretty insistent she has magic of her own... though a lot of people are not incredibly convinced. She is a Sunshine Games Poppy Parker - I redid her hair some. I made her top and skirt. The top I made years and years ago, before I knew anything about sewing and you can see that it's falling apart. I need to make her a new one. The corset was made by my good friend Laura.

I was fortunate enough to receive a great skirt from Cat and Adela definitely snatched it. She really needs business-y clothes so this skirt was perfect for her! I really recommend Cat's clothes. They are nicely lined and made! I made the lace shirt (not as nice as her skirt I assure you) and the necklace.

Her date is obviously late picking her up or something... yikes!!