Saturday, August 11, 2012

Here I am!!

I have not died (contrary to popular belief). Things have been extremely busy around here chiefly due to the fact that I had to take care of my youngest brother this summer. This has put a severe restraint on my time (and finances) to have fun with doll stuff.

I am right now rearranged my doll room, so it's a wreck. Apologies for the bad lighting on some of the pictures - I really can't even take pictures in my doll room right now... But here are a few quick updates!!

1. Poppy HAS SOLD!!!

2.) We have some new members in the house. First is Cora, an obitsu 02 head (rooted in mohair by me, and face painted by Liz - she is having a bit of a malfunction with one side of her lips - it'll be fixed soon!). She is by far the most maternal and nurturing girl in the house.

And this is Kyrie, a Mission Control Imogen who needs a re-root. She was a birthday present (my birthday is today!!) from Liz (umm what kind of awesome best friend gets you a doll for your birthday? My best friends that's who!) Kyrie is a.... very naughty girl. Which kind of makes sense considering she is a succubus.


I really hope to be around more. Ivy is at that age where she messes with everything all the time, so I can't leave anything doll related out (hence the reason for the doll room "renovation"). I've checked Blogger a lot and it looks like everyone has been having a good summer!!