Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ReMent Kitties and Ivy's Big Announcement!

Before I get to Ivy's Big Announcement - I wanted to share with you my new little acquistions.

ReMent are seriously like crack. I love kitties (obviously) and ReMent kitties are seriously too much for me to ignore. I have pined over this set of kitties for some time. There are some kitties in this set that I wanted more then others and when an auction came up on E-Bay for the full set at a reasonable starting price - I asked Liz if she wanted to split it with me.

Well we won the auction (and at a very affordable price)! And here is our loot. We plan to decide how to split up the sets this weekend when I go to Michigan to visit her. All parts of these sets (including the individual cat kibbles are removable).

I like this set because the orange kitty looks a lot like my cat Kenny. Suprisingly, I already have an orange Barbie cat from my childhood that looks even more like him! The rug they are laying on is very cute. The pose of the playful kitten is very much like my kitties used to lay when they were just babies.

I took this picture with the help of Hubby who held the little cat teaser for me (ReMent is one of the doll things that we can enjoy together). This little kitty has a very cute inquisitive look and he will look really cute against someone's leg in a diorama, begging for attention.

I really like this kitty because he reminds me of a cat I had named Rex (though he was orange and not gray). The laptop is nice with a little cat head mouse, but it is a bit large. Perhaps it is one of those weird expensive Macs?

I really love this set. The cat is removable from the pot and looks great just sleeping on the counter. The kitten looks like it's her baby (they have the same coloring). I am pretty sure this set will be staying with me.

These bathing kitties have little towels that you can put on top of their heads like they are relaxing in the sauna. I didn't open the package because I didn't want to lose the towels before this weekend. These two look really good just by themselves, especially the one on the right. It looks like it's getting petted.

This set is really fun. The stretching cat is really cute and the sitting cat would look perfect on a couch or a chair. The cat tree is the best part of this set though, it is really well textured to look like carpet. I love it alot but I am pretty sure these two are going to Liz!

This set will be staying with me because Liz already owns this set. I am really glad because I really like these two. The black kitty looks a lot like my Minkywinks (and Liz's cat Salem). The individual kibbles come out of the bowl and the crown just sits on top of the white kitty's head so it's removable.

And now... I present to you my HOLY GRAIL REMENT.


If anyone ever, ever questions why I collect ReMent. I will hold this little guy in my hand and say... THIS... THIS IS WHY I COLLECT REMENT. DO YOU SEE? IT'S A POOPING CAT.

It's just so hilarious I can't stop myself from loving it so much. It doesn't hurt that it looks a great deal like my cat Feisty.

And now I give you Ivy's Special Announcement......

Indeed we are expecting little one #2 in April of next year!! Ivy is very happy that by this time next year she will have someone else to blame all her messes on (being the big sister in my family, I know how it goes!). We will be finding out if she's going to be having a sister or a brother in early December!


Liz said...

yay for kitties, and Congrats you guys!

Vanessa said...

Congratulations on the new bundle of joy!

Those cats are wonderful. Rement is very addictive. How on earth are you ever going to split up the set? They are all adorable.

Cat said...

AHHHH!!! CONGRATS!!! (^_^) ....oh and the cats are amazing! I love the pooping one too! I had a complete visual of you holding it in your hand showing someone why you collect ReMent! Fantastic! lol

Muff said...

Congrats on the kitties and the wee one!

Sergio said...

Lovely kitten, the poping cat is supercool!! Congratulations for your new comer :D

Georgia Girl said...

Congratulations on both! The kitty cats are too cute. I would have a hard dividing them...they are all adorable. I couldn't pick a favorite.

Heather said...

First, Congrats!!!!

Second... oh my goodness... does pooping cat come with poops and a scooper??? XD

Vita Plastica said...

Congratulations on your cats but most especially the baby! Oh you will soon feel my pain/joy! Wishing you a very happy pregnancy and a healthy baby! How far apart with the kids be? Mine are 19 months apart. May our kids grow up close to their siblings!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I had not seen before this collection of cats. I like them all. We keep in touch

Verona said...

Congrats! On your kitties and your little one!

Tabitha (lovelovekitty) said...

Heather - the cat does come with a scooper (it clips nicely to the side of the box, you can see it in the picture), but no poop. The scooper is quite a fun prop though!

Vita - My kids will be almost exactly 24 months apart. Ivy's birthday is May 8th and this little one's due date is 4/13/13. So they will more then likely have less then a month between birthdays... which is wonderful because I surely plan on only having one party for both of them! Haha! My brother and I are 20 months apart and while we had a few problems when we were very young, we ended up being very close when we got older!

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