Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Projects

So I've been working on a new story lately and it has me pretty excited. And of course I'm always excited to find an excuse to buy dolls for new characters!!

My new story is sort of a dark fantasy, gothic romance. It takes place in a fantasy world and since I haven't done world building in quite some time, it's been really fun to work on. Sewing fantasy costumes is something I really enjoy, so I am hoping to get more motivated (even though with an almost brand new baby and a two year old I don't expect to hammer things out the way I could in the past).

This girl is Cecily. She has a rather questionable occupation but she happens to be an expert at it.

She is an "Always on her Mind" Dania with restyled hair and rebodied on a Poppy body (which I really prefer to the regular FR bodies...)

Her dress is one I made some time ago for Liz (that is at my house because I borrowed the doll wearing it to play with!) and the shoes I got on E-Bay.

I apologize for the not-so-high quality of the pictures. My new Nexus takes pictures and (automatically!) uploads them to where I can post them straight to my blog from my phone! That makes things super convenient for blogging but the quality isn't as good as my Sony camera.

The walls for my dioramas did not make the move with us - so I will be making new ones as soon as I get some time and make some space (where meddlesome two year olds won't steal pieces!!).

Ivy and baby Verity say hi!!


Sergio said...

Hi Tabitha, Ivy and baby Verity :-) It's nice to see a post of yours! A new fantasy story? WOW! So exciting! Can't wait for it! Dania is beautiful, and the dress looks like a couturier creation, love it!

Heather said...

Liz has told me some of this new story and I can't wait to see it kick into gear! It sounds so much fun!!

I love the dress :)
And of course, cute little munchkins! Hehe!

Verona said...

A questionable occupation? Oooo, sounds scandolous! Can't wait to see more. And of course, the little ones are adorable!

Vanessa said...

I'm excited to see your fantasy costumes. Wow, I thought this was Erin. Tells you how much I know about FR dolls. She's pretty. And the kids are adorable!

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