Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Inanna - The Beauty of St. Annis

So I'm sure you guys remember my poor Nadja who had no character or name when I first talked about her here. Well since working on my new story, I made sure to create a special character just for her. But first she needed a makeover!

I liked her braids and afro for a more spunky, modern feel, but since the character I created for her is very regal and refined (and in a fantasy setting) she needed a different hairstyle. Liz will be changing the color of her lips for me soon (I want a dark burgundy color, something a little less loud). 

"Where's my hair?!"

It's been a while since I've done any flocking so I decided to flock this girl's hair - and what can I say? I'm in absolute love.

Please meet Inanna:

Inanna Asaria is a very wealthy lady living in the port of St. Annis in the southern country of Venostro. She owns vineyards that produce the best wine on the continent. She has a very kind heart and is known for her charitable works.

Sorry again for the crappy pictures - it's so much easier for me to just take pictures with my phone (since they link straight to my blogger and there is no extra work involved). So let me know: Do you prefer more frequent updates or better quality pictures? I don't want to keep doing blog posts if everyone is secretly thinking "Goodness gracious, why is she posting such horrible pictures...?!"


Liz said...

what horrible pictures!!! hahah just kidding. I really like her look. I did like her braids too but i do think this is just more suited for her. You did a really good job :3

Verona said...

The shorn look really matches a refine kind of lady (like my Katy over here). It suits her personality perfectly. And your pictures look pretty good (better than the ones I usually take), so I would prefer frequent updates.

Heather said...

The flocking looks fantastic!! I love her new look! I've always wanted to try flocking on a doll but haven't had the guts yet. (Maybe I should start with a cheapo Barbie as practice XD )

I love her and her backstory... I'm very excited to keep reading about this new story (and excited to be in on the ground floor of it... so that I might have a clue what's going on XD)

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