Monday, March 12, 2012

Seraphina - Finished!

After a lot of fiddling around on my part, I finally got Seraphina finished. I'm in looove!

Phina is rooted, and styled by me. I also made the jewelry (some first jewelry making attempts). I threaded seed beads into her and pulled back two braids taking some more of her hair and finished it in a nine-strand braid. I made the hairclip with seed beads, faux pearls, and swaravorski crystals. Her necklace is just seed beads.

Liz of course, did her faceup. I wanted a girl with very dark eyes and neutral looking lips, my favorite look right now!

Phina owns the Villa (of which whose kitchen you've seen a lot of!). Her mother is Melusina, which makes her a half-siren, otherwise called a Diva. She is, for obvious reasons, very talented at music, but has been raised very secluded and secretively in order to completely preserve her innocence. Unfortunately for those who try to keep this little Diva caged up, Phina has an extremely wild and rebellious streak.

She tries to be an obedient daughter but she finds the word "obedient" very yucky in her mouth!

She is an Obitsu 01 head on an obitsu body that I've bashed a Volks soft bust onto.


Chynadoll said...

They are beautiful! I love the hair and how the eyebrows match! Great job.

Cat said...

So stunning!!! I love what you did with the back of her hair, and of course Liz did another flawless paint job on her face! (^_^) Is that Nylon hair? How do you secure Nylon hair when you re-root?

Verona said...

Smashing! They look amazing!

Tabitha (lovelovekitty) said...

It is indeed nylon hair! I use a regular knot - no glue or anything added to it. Nylon is tricky stuff and you have to make the knot away from the end of it or it'll slip out. Unfortunately this usually means the inside of the head looks like a mess, but who really looks at that besides me? -_-

Glad you guys are loving her as much as I am!!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: they are very pretty. Congratulations for the jewels. You did a good job. I like to be a rebellious child. is age. We remain in contact blog to blog.

Brini said...

She looks great and congrats on the jewelry making.

Georgia Girl said...

You did a great job Tabitha! I love that hair color.

Heather said...

She looks absolutely lovely :) The hair is wonderful, the jewelry is adorable, and Liz's faceup is fantastic as well.

Excellent job all around!

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