Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just a small rant...

I fully believe in following the market for the value of your dolls. But seriously, the scalping that goes on is ridiculous.

I know Liz has been trying to get the elusive Sweet Nothings Gretel. I know their market value is going to be high, but asking almost $300 is ridiculous. When you are one of the first people that posts it for sale, you are setting the market for the others - when you intentionally try to scalp people are you going to be getting some serious karmic backlash.

I saw the same thing happen with the Tokidoki Barbie and some other dolls. I believe in paying the value of the doll, and I believe in making a little money if you can, but when the doll retails for $50 and you have people paying $500.. or retails for $130 and you more than double the price of it.. that's just mean to other collectors who really wanted her.



Liz said...

ty hun i really agree

Heather said...

What irks me is that I've seen people post about how beautiful and amazing she is... and they're still turning right around and scalping her.

If she was really so beautiful and amazing and one of the prettiest you've ever seen... wouldn't you want to keep her?

Vita Plastica said...

Look I know if we could we would all make income related to dolls, but to beat everyone to get a doll just so you can turn around, debox and sell her off for parts? It's soulless and I question why people are even in this hobby. It's like leaving dolls in the box and shelving them. A waste, but at least you're not trying to scam other doll lovers!

Ugh. Liz, may you get that Gretel and for super cheap too!

Tina Speece said...

What really irks me about the scalping is when they rush to the store, buy out the stock, and cause a vacuum just so they can justify that kind of scalping. Seeing it now with the Monster High line and it just makes me want to punch them all in the face--depriving the kids, the artists, and the afficionados a chance at a good doll is just epically dickish.

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