Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some projects..

Melusina was feeling rather neglected since her daughter came along. So I made her some nice things to make up for it.

The dress was made out of part of a sleeve a friend gave me. I immediately jumped into the "maxi dress craze" that's been going on in fashion lately. I have also had a fascination with snoods lately. So I restyled Mel's hair and gave her a beaded snood I made for her. I really like her hair like this, it makes her look older and sophisticated. To finish it off I made her a really simple little turtle necklace!

I think she looks like she's going to the beach..

Sorry for the straight pin in that last picture - I use them to help hold hair (or snood) in the right place sometimes!

I haven't been around alot lately because Ivy is going through this phase where she is incredibly clingy, following me around and trying to climb up on me while constantly whining. I think she's starting to get in her first teeth (she's almost 11 months old and she's still totally toothless!).

I should be working on more dioramas (or finishing up the kitchen) but I've been getting distracted with sewing and beading projects!


Heather said...

I absolutely LOVE the hair!

Verona said...

She looks flawless!

Marta said...

Hola desde España: felicidades porque el pelo recogido de la red que yo era hermosa. El collar es muy lindo. Es una muñeca muy elegante y se adapta muy bien el vestido verde. Mi hija salió a la luz los dos primeros dientes con 12 meses. Manténgase en contacto.

Georgia Girl said...

Hi Tabitha, I love her hair! Is that Glam Slam Kyori? If so, what body did you use to rebody her? I love her face! I just purchased her earlier this month, but I need an articulated body for her. I also love her dress.

Tabitha (lovelovekitty) said...

Heather - Thanks! It took me a while to figure how I wanted her hair.. I like this look because I feel like it makes her look matronly but still dead sexy!

Verona - Aww thanks! I still see flyaway hairs but I am honestly believing that there are worst things I could be worrying about!!

Marta - Thank you for your compliments! I am glad to hear that Ivy isn't the only one that is getting her first tooth this late in the game :)

Georgia Girl - She is Glam Slam Kyori! She is on Something Hot Kyori's body. I like it because it was before they started making FR's really tall, so it's called an FR short body. She's not as flexible as new FR's so I took an exacto to some of her joints to help her out just a little bit. Still not as good, but I think she'll be fine because I really prefer her height.

Brini said...

Her hair looks great! She turned out very pretty. don't worry about little Ivy, she just want mommy comfort and love.

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