Friday, March 30, 2012

We won! We won!

So Emily at Toybox Philosopher (great blog!) held a contest to pick a middle name out for the new family puppy. I suggested Charlemagne, as a friend of ours has a really sweet and friendly chihuahua by the same name and because, well, I'm horrible history nerd. Turns out that name has a special meaning to Emily's family and we won the contest!!

I was especially thrilled because one of the prizes was one of the updated "Kitty Surprise" toys. My brother and I each got a Kitty Surprise in our childhood (his was a brown one and mine was pink) and I still own one of the kittens from my brother's Kitty Surprise. I had no idea that they had updated this toy, and I hadn't seen any whatsoever around the town I live in. I am so glad that now Ivy has her own Kitty Surprise!

Pardon the child's play clothes.. she had a different shirt on but got her morning oatmeal all down the front.

"What's dis?!" You can see she is very interested in what's in this package!

Not the most helpful letting Mama get it out of the package as she kept pulling it out of my hand. She took the mama-kitty and I told her there was more to it! So we opened up the belly and inside were....

IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS!! Look at their cute little white ears!!

Ivy really thinks this is just about the coolest thing ever!! She was very amazed!

She just loves her little kitty family.. she promptly crawled off with the mama-cat, leaving the babies defenseless and sad. So I put them back inside mama-cat so that she could discover them again later!

Here are the prizes that Mama is keeping for herself for now:

Holy crap do the new Stacies have really cute faces!! And I just love the outfit and bunny the Kelly (oops I mean "Chelsea") came with. I am a little obsessed with this Stacie, I need to find her an articulated body! Any suggestions that will match? I think she might be too dark for an Obitsu 23cm.

Hurray! Thanks Emily again for having such a nice contest!


Verona said...

Awww! Great prizes! Congrats!

Georgia Girl said...

Congratulations Tabitha! The little kitten is too cute, but not nearly as cute as your little Ivy. She looks so precious. I also like this Stacie. I have never rebodied a doll of this size.

Emily said...

Oh, my goodness, Ivy's smile is priceless! Thank you so much for sharing those amazing pictures. Kitty and her babes have the best new home ever!

Brini said...

Congrats on the winning! As long as Ivy loves thie kitty, it's ok for your to keep the Barbie dolls.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on stuffed animals. I see that your daughter is beautiful. Take it quickly grows. Time passes very fast. With respect to Stacey I also want to put a body articulated. I can not find one that works for her. When you find it let me know. The Chelsea is very cute. Keep in touch.

Heather said...

Congrats!!! How fun is that!!! I used to love those little kitty and puppy surprise toys... and bunny too XD

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