Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adela's Hair - Part 2

Things have been a little crazy lately. Ivy is crawling and getting into everything and consequently has become very accident-prone. I have to keep an eye on her constantly or she's pulling something on her head or falling over when she pulls herself up to stand at the couch. Crazy girl.

I have scored some really nice items lately - I will do a separate post on them sometime soon. I have also been doing a ton of sewing lately and have made a couple of things I'm really proud of.

Here is the update on Adela's hair, I finally got around to styling it how I wanted it to be. Gen has the thick spiral curls, so I wanted something pretty and natural.

Seraphina and Eden's hair is on it's way (finally). So I will be working on those roots soon. I also have a boy of Liz's that needs a re-root but I have to wait for her to order that hair! So expect more hair from me soon!


Heather said...

I love your hair styling posts! You do it so well!!!
I love the natural look to her hair, I think this really suits her.

Absolutely lovely!

April W. said...

She looks great. I love the wavy curls!!!

Georgia Girl said...

I really like Adela's hair! How did you get it like that? It has just the right amount of curl.

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