Saturday, February 4, 2012

1/3rd Fun.. Dr. and Mrs. Alvarado

So here are a couple of my 1/3rd scale dolls.. Dr. Alvarado and his wife Arcadia. Probably the oldest characters I have that are existing in any doll form right now. The Doctor (haha!.. not that Doctor!) and his wife life in The Alhambra... the closest neighbor the The Manor before The Villa was built (a complete map is coming). They live there together with their daughter and a great deal of female servants. Arcadia insists that all her servant are female and she worships a strange goddess in her rather strange chapel... as for Dr. Alvarado.. he dabbles in all sorts of things that are strange and mystical in nature. They are dressed rather old-fashioned and for as long as they've lived in the Alhambra they seem to have retained their youth... hmm..!

Their love story is a very great one. Needless to say they are hopefully devoted and loyal to one another.

Arcadia - Iplehouse Gentle Freezia WS, Faceup by Liz
Dr. Alvarado - Soom Spinel NS, Default Faceup

I apologize for Arcadia's wig.. it's made out of a really difficult fiber and I haven't had any time to really work with it lately.

And here is how they normally are on the shelf in the living room... quietly plotting and enjoying one another's company.

Dr Alvarado: "Shall we dine with the rest of the household or take our dinner privately, my dear?"
Arcadia: "Well when you put it that way.. it doesn't seem like I really have much of a choice~"


Heather said...

You can tell it's too early in the morning when I read his name as Dr. Avacado.

*forehead smack*

I love it though, "Not THAT Doctor" hehehe!

These two are lovely and mysterious though, I really like Liz's faceup on the Mrs. :)
She looks so serene and smitten by the Dr. :)

Brini said...

I never really checked out these dolls before but now I will. These two do look great together.

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