Sunday, February 5, 2012

Melusina, the Siren

When I first saw Fashion Royalty dolls, the first doll that immediately drew my eye was Kyori. I absolutely love the way she looks and the shape of her face, everything. So when I decided to get my first Fashion Royalty, I knew I wanted to go after Kyori.

I first got a nude Something Hot Kyori on a short old FR body who is in need of a reroot badly at an extremely wonderful price ($35!!). As soon as she arrived I was in love, and began to look at Kyori's on Flickr, I immediately fell in love with Glam Slam Kyori, and I found someone who sold me to her NRFB at a great price.

I really wanted a white haired Kyori.. so I got some hair and rerooted her, it was much sparklier hair then I expect, but still, I like the result.

This is Melusina, the Siren.. not exactly human and her unearthly enchanting beauty captures those around her without them even realizing it. She is the mother of Seraphina, who owns the Villa.

"There are even stranger creatures in the world then me.. in fact, a whole other world co-exists with yours... but you will learn that in time."



Cat said...

Kyori is my favorite too!! Melusina is GORGEOUS! :) My only FR gal is Living Dangerously Kyori. I re-bodied her onto a Mon Z body, but I hope to get her a Dynamite Girls body one day.

Heather said...

Wow, the Kyori sculpt is beautiful, I can see why you want her... so do you have two of them, is that how I read this?
I love your reroot, I think the hair color and style make her look mature enough to be someone's mother, while still looking sexy and full of vitality!

Marta said...

Hello from spain: your Barbie basic 2.0 I have her. She is one of my favorite Barbies. She is very beautiful. For me she is a cosmopolitan girl who likes to travel and feel great. The profession that would put be host of a TV sports. Her name would be Carol. The doll of this entry is also beautiful. I have not because Spain did not sell. Keep in touch

Tabitha (lovelovekitty) said...

Cat - Thanks! I don't know what it is about Kyori but she is just so beautiful!!

Heather - Yes I now have two Kyoris.. I have a "Something Hot" Kyori that is in my box waiting for a new hairdo or root. I thought she looked sexy and mature too - it's why I couldn't use her for Seraphina (who is only 19).. so she became her mother instead!

Marta - I love your idea of her being some kind of journalist so I made her into a college student trying to make a fashion magazine. It helps her stay cosmopolitan. I am glad you like Melusina, she is one of my favorites these days.. I just love her face!

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