Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Little Bit About Me...

I really don't have too much going on doll-related today - I have been waiting for the baby to go to sleep for like an hour now so I could head off and do some sewing. But she is pretty insistent that it's Saturday so she gets to stay up late! Well I suppose that's fair enough.

So today's blog is just going to be a little about me and my history with collecting dolls...

When I was just a kid Barbies and baby dolls were pretty much my major "things". The more realistic life I could give my Barbies the better it was. I remember my Barbie So-Much-To-Do Supermarket, Bank, and Post Office were my absolute favorite play sets (I have since gotten myself the Supermarket from Ebay but the Post Office and Bank are just a little ridiculously expensive these days). I remember using masking tape and creating roads on the carpet of my bedroom and setting up different houses and stores on my bedroom floor and leaving them there for days, until my mom came through and cleaned up my room again.

When I was about 10, I started to feel societal pressure that I was too old to play with dolls. I would go into the Barbie section of KB Toys, with a story in my head to tell any of my classmates if they walked in that I was "shopping for my cousin's birthday". I eventually grew so ashamed.. I remember the last birthday I had any kind of presents of dolls for.. I got a Dentist Barbie that had a Kelly sitting in the dentist chair. I swore to myself that I was just too old to still be playing with Barbies, and that I would just have to get interested in what everyone else my age was interested in.

But still it couldn't keep me away for long, I got into Sailor Moon during middle school and high school and started to collect the Irwin Sailor Moon dolls. I would dress them in regular outfits before school every morning and when I got home I'd put them in their sailor fukus. I'd make them interact with each other. I figured this was justified because it was being interested in anime, not in dolls and so I wasn't being "uncool".

I moved away to college and got married. I saw a picture of a Momoko one day online and I got re-interested. I discovered Junkyspot and Obitsus. That was it - that was the end. I was no longer going to be in denial.. who cares if my hobbies were weird or uncool. I was an adult and I would damn well play with barbies and dolls if I wanted to.

I met Liz, I got interested in BJD's. Eventually as our "characters" were interacting, a story began to form. Years later we are still revising things, adding and subtracting. We ran a photostory for a long time, then the forum it was on went down. Liz is an artist, so we decided we would do a graphic novel style format (the beginnings of which you can see on her blog). Our dolls still serve as our muses, our inspiration, and having them and places and things for them to interact with is extremely satisfying for us. After having Ivy, BJDs are just too expensive for such a massive cast, so I went back to my first passion - 1/6th scale. I dragged Liz into it and we are absolutely thrilled we've decided to make the change. It's just so much more available.

I am lucky because I have a husband who is really supportive of my hobby. As he tells me, "I can't get into it the same way you do, it doesn't do anything for me but I like them". And I always remind him it's way better then antiquing! When I quit my job as a child welfare caseworker to stay home with the baby, I really worried that my wanting to buy dolls or do doll relating things (which of course always involves money) would make him unhappy. But he is more then happy to discuss doll related purchases with me and give me an allowance! I always think I could never divorce him, because explaining this hobby is a very difficult sell to a lot of men!

So that's it.. a little bit about me and where I've been and am now on my doll journey!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

This was us at Hubby's parents at Christmas 2011

Liz and I at Ren Faire in 2010


Brini said...

It always good to have family and friends who enjoy your hobby. I don't think I ever gave up my hobby. It subsided for awhile and then it was back. I always have a doll too with me so it the norm for me. I have family and friends who will let me know the seen this or that for Barbie, or I need to go here, my favorite is when the say the brought somehting for me and hope I don't already have it for my dolls. It enjoy alot and hats off to you husband too. He understands so how can you not love him!!?!!

BarbieFantasy said...

Thank you so much for sharing so much. I too was eventually shamed out of playing with dolls; they were my only way of dealing with a lot of confusion I had growing up about my parents fighting and eventual divorce. I also lost my brother and sister to my father who all moved from Texas (where I still am) to Florida. It's been almost 40 years now since I've been reunited with my love of dolls.

I was also interested in the fact that you go to Ren Fairs! We do too and have for many years. We have invested a lot into our costuming. If this link works out, this is a picture of my hubby and I revisiting the bench where he proposed to me at Scarborough Faire in Waxahaxie, TX . I hope you can see it.

I can't wait to read on in your blog. I am really envious of those that can weave a story with their dolls and put them to photo well. It inspires me to dig deep and shed my fears about my hobby. Isn't that crazy? My hubby is very supportive too. He knows how important it is.


Tabitha (lovelovekitty) said...

Brini - I am really glad that you were able to stick to your guns about what you like! He is extremely understanding - I love him so much!

BarbieFantasy - I can't see your facebook photo! :( Feel free to add me - my name is Tabitha Whitlark if you look me up - you can't mistake me I'm probably the only one and definately the only one with purple hair! I am really into Ren Faires though we don't have alot around here. I am a huge Tudor/Elizabethan time period nerd.

reallifeminis said...

I really enjoyed reading your story. You are so lucky to have that supportive hubby. Thank you for sharing.

Ebony Nicole said...

I really love your story keep having fun and doing you!

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