Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Villa Kitchen

I want to thank everyone for their compliments on my kitchen. I have another diorama for a Japanese house (may be turned into a restaurant) but it's down in the basement (it's made of fiber board so it's really heavy and unwieldy) so I really count this as my only diorama at this point. I am debating on whether or not to do the living room or the bathroom next.

This is the kitchen for The Villa. Why the Villa and not the Manor? Well to be honest - the Manor as a huge gothic mansion is way too much work for me to undertake. With my limited space, it's smallest neighbor in it's shabby chic style is going to be way easier for me to do. I do plan on doing rooms out of the Manor, but as far as completed buildings, the Villa makes the most sense.

So here are some pictures of what I've gotten done on it this far. I am in desperate need of some decorations.

My to-do list for the kitchen:

- backsplashes
- inside cabinets
- print out doors and windows
- decorate!

Here are some pictures of Hekate enjoying some oysters and white wine. She really doesn't need to eat but she still enjoys the taste.

"*Sigh* Where is my male company?"



Lixalicious said...

hes going to be here this week!

Georgia Girl said...

Love it! The fourth pic is my fav.

Heather said...

Where is this awesome set from? I love this kitchen!!

Tabitha (lovelovekitty) said...

Liz - Thank god! She's driving me crazy..

Georgia Girl - Thanks! I looove Re-ment. My husband isn't too into doll stuff but he admittedly really enjoys the Re-ment.

Heather - This is called the "Modern Comfort" kitchen. Unfortunately it retails for $200+ now. I got it when it was still only $60ish on the secondary market. The similiar kitchen to it is called "My First Kenmore" and it's white instead of red. You can find that one on Ebay for about $150ish :/

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love your kitchen in red. I find it spectacular. Congratulations on the job. Not missing a thing. I look forward to the rooms... Keep in touch

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