Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some thoughts and planning...

First I wanted to say - I think the format of my blog has screwed up where I can leave direct replies to people who are commenting. I almost always comment back - but now I am having to hit it as a general reply instead of a specialized reply. I just wanted everyone to know that kind of weird thing, so nobody thinks I'm ignoring them! I love all the comments so much..!

So onto dolls, my Ayumi has shipped and I expect she may be here tomorrow or Saturday!! I'm very excited. I am calling her my Valentine's Day present and Hubby seems to be happy with that label (it makes it so much easier when I buy my own presents!)

Something that's really been bothering me a lot lately, is that I keep stumbling onto a certain blog (not anyone who has subscribed to me or that I've subscribed to, just a blog that seems to always pop up on google searches for me). Not naming names, I find this person's negative comments about dolls or doll community really harsh and grating. This is a community that is built on mutual love.. and to argue with your readers or post comments continually on how "ugly" some dolls are seems counter-intuitive to me.

Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion, but to harp on the sculpt of dolls, people's choices of fashion for their dolls, etc, seems to just want to breed drama and contempt. I am proud to say that I am not affiliated with those types of people, and the doll blogs I read are INCREDIBLY respectful in their opinions. I may not like the way a doll looks (for example I have no love for Tonner dolls) but I can appreciate people that do, and I see a lot of great inspiration and beauty that comes out of that realm.

I just find unnecessary hatefulness and stirring of drama to be really juvenile. I will never subscribe to a blog that feels that way, and I feel a lot of pity for the people that keep that kind of mindset because really they must be so bored or miserable with their own lives.

Anyway - onto chipper things... I've got some more organizing boxes and things. I really want to start on the Villa Bathroom and get decorations for the kitchen.. but I'll be darned if I'm not out of my dolly allowance for the month!! So I've been trying to figure out cheap ways to get the kitchen decorated and am open to ideas. I could sent along a file of printies to Hubby to get printed out for me.. but I guess i'm not sure what will look good as a printie and what won't!

I really need to allocate some money for spray paint, I could get a lot of spray painting done and feel accomplished without having to spend too much.

Anyway for all my bitching, I present you with some cute baby pictures. Ivy really enjoys dolls as young as she is (she just barely turned nine months old!). Her favorite doll is an Artsy head on a model muse body (the other parts made up Daniella!). But in these picures she's playing with this odd looking thrift store doll that I got some time ago because she had jointed arms and I thought she was interesting looking.

Man am I glad I had a little girl first!!


Cat said...

First I want to say...AWWWWWWWW! (^_^)

I don't know what blog you keep finding, but I hate knowing someone is running such a negative blog. Dolls should be fun, and the community should be accepting of the diversity of the dolls as well as their collectors. My motto is if I don't like it, I don't buy it. My biggest issue in the doll community is price gouging over dolls that shouldn't be price gouged. But, that is a matter of my opinion. We're all going to have opinions, but there is no need to absolutely tear people a part.

So, with that said, thank you for being such a fun, friendly doll blogger. We're all very happy to have someone like you join the ranks of doll creativity and pure awesomeness. Sounds like a crazy exclusive club, doesn't it? lol

Heather said...

What is this concept you speak of, this, "Dolly Budget" ???

Hahaha, I need one of those, seriously.

And yeah, the haters are sad. they really are bored, mean, sad people with nothing better to do... although... I sometimes say Bratz look like prostitutes... but... it's said with love, LOL, since I still buy all their clothes for my girls, hahaha!

EbonyNicole30 said...

I really don't like Haters!

I may not like some dolls but I don't sit at my computer and pick on each and every thing that comes out!

Ivy is killing me with the cuteness!

Vita Plastica said...

Oh my goodness so cute!!!! I have a feeling I know who you are talking about. I guess there is a place for that. And I appreciate a harsh eye when reviewing a new doll, but dang, this hobby is for enjoyment! Every time I get jealous of someone's doll talent or doll money or doll TIME (I'm a mother too!) I try to remember that. If you can't enjoy it, take up a new hobby!

Ivy I'm coming through this computer to give you such a snuggle!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new doll Valentine gift. Your daughter is beautiful. I like that she likes the dolls. You're right that people who do not like our blogs do not try to insult. They can give negative opinion but politely. I look forward to new entries in your blog. Keep in touch

Brini said...

I doesn't matter to me what your hobby is as long as you enjoy it. Let me put it this way, if someone doesn't have a hobby they like then they need to find one. I enjoy all the dollie friends I have met and will continue to met. It's all good to me! As for the budget, will that get re-worked on a weekly basis.

BarbieFantasy said...

You know, before I re-discovered Barbies last Fall and got my first new one in Dec. for Christmas from my hubby, I played the game Sims 3 constantly. (Quite frankly I use it and now this hobby as a pain reliever from some of my chronic illnesses.) I was on the FB community page for the game and read almost all the comments that would roll around whatever topic for the day. It never failed that there would be negative comments. Why? Why are you on a fan page just to give negative comments? I haven't run into this on Flikr yet nor have I seen any blogs with such, but I'm sure I just need to give it time.
Well! We're getting our first snowfall of the year here in Abilene, Tx! I've got my grandson now in the midst of writing and is hard to henpeck...TTFN!

Tabitha (lovelovekitty) said...

Cat - And THANK YOU for being a friendly and positive blogger! I simply refuse to follow people who say 80% negative things and leave only 20% positive things. I just wanted to rant and get it off my chest because the elitist opinions of some people can really turn people off of the hobby.

Heather - Hey I know exactly what you mean. I've got some real sketchy chicks over here.

EbonyNicole - Every doll is beautiful to somebody - creator or owner. Other people who harp on about it are just being unnecessarily insulting I feel.

Vita Plastica - You and I may indeed have the same person in mind. They are not a small blogger by any means. There is a place for a critical eye but some things they say are just downright mean or argumentative. You are absolutely right that this is a hobby for enjoyment, not drama!

Marta - I too am a firm believer in "constructive criticism". The bloggers (like you) that follow and associate with me have been overwhelming kind and polite.

Brini - You are absolutely right.

BarbieFantasy - Oh my goodness.. I am a Sims addict as well! I started playing with it first came out (I was almost in high school I think) and have been playing since then! It's like I explain to people - it's like playing dolls with less expense and mess! I hope you are enjoying the snow down there in Texas! My husband's father's family is from Amarillo! I hope you are enjoying time with your grandson :)

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