Monday, February 6, 2012

Watch for the Bitchitude

First - I hope everyone is enjoying the new layout! The banner graphic was drawn by Liz and it's from the graphic novel we are making The Manor. Check out her blog and click on the "Graphic Novel" tag to see what we've done so far!

When I first started looking at Fashion Royalty, Agnes hit me hard. I knew immediately she was perfect for my character Adela Darktree, the queen bitch CEO of Circe Cosmetics. Adela has a personal hand in every aspect of her business which is growing into a major corporation. Circe Cosmetics work and Adela has even been called "some kind of sorceress" by her competitors that can't seem to figure out why her products really do exactly what they say they do.

Adela recently hired Marquis Drake as the face of her new line of male cosmetic products. She also has recently employed her little sister Rin as a model of her line that is supposed to target the 18-25 age group. She is a shrewd businesswoman and really doesn't have a lot of time for men though her father is pressuring her to hurry up and get married (as you'll soon find out they are a very.. old fashioned.. family).

Adela is a Head for Glamour Agnes. I am thinking of unstiffening her hair (maybe even restyling) but I'm not sure if I want to do that. What do you guys think?

I made her shirt and it was my first shirt that turned out really nicely! I'm kind of proud.. haha.

As you'll see the name "Erin" settled on my Barbie Basics Teresa, she's a student working in the coffeeshop and is trying to get her fledgling fashion magazine off the ground.

Erin: Please check out the prototype for my fashion magazine! I think its' going to be a big hit!!
Adela: if you want an appointment you need to contact my assistant.. *grumble*


Cat said...

Erin SO suits her. ;) I am super jealous of your kitchen. And I am eager to see what marvelous "Bitchitude" awaits!

Cat said...

Oh, and the new layout is beautiful! Once again Liz has done gorgeous work on the banner. (^_^)

Tabitha (lovelovekitty) said...

Thanks Cat!!

Yes Erin is desperately trying to get Adela to look at her magazine so that Circe will want to buy some advertising in it... Adela is sooo not buying into it right now, haha!

Heather said...

I think you can restyle her hair, but I like this "style" of hairdo, it seems very neat and orderly and precise... I get the feeling Adela is not one to tolerate a hair being out of place.

Tabitha (lovelovekitty) said...

I like the style too - the only problem is Adela is supposed to have nice curly hair. My idea was to curly it and then refix it into another updo like this.

I'm really not sure so I probably won't make my mind up about it anytime soon haha!

Marta said...

Hello from spain: Adele ans Eris are really very real women. The kitchen in red is really beautiful. I love it. What a laugh you have to get married soon. Keep in touch

Brini said...

I love red kitchen. It makes it look so alive. I agree, Adela is fierce and just one look at her, let's you know she is not going to be holding back.

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