Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today in Celebrity News.. Marquis Drake and Rumors of his Lovelife!


Marquis Drake made his appearance today at a charity fundraiser for a local children's hospital. The A-list Hollywood Actor, known for his generous donations to charities, was signing autographs and handing over a check to help build a game room for the pediatric wing.

When asked about rumors that he was dating Circe Cosmetics' CEO Adela Darktree's younger sister, Rin Darktree, Marquis said this:

"I'm here to help children, not talk about my love life."

Is Marquis dating the fresh-faced Rin, who is an up-and-coming model for her older sister's very successful cosmetics company? His PR agent has not returned our calls.

Oh poor Marquis.. my hunka-hunka man love. Right now he's incredibly outnumbered by the number of women in my household.. I have a couple of other guys but they aren't very put-together right now. He's the only one that can stand up and really say "I'M ALIVE!!"

I am incredibly lucky to have someone sell me to him at a great price and didn't try to scalp the hell out of me. Darius Reid's are not cheap and just looking at his pictures you can tell why!! *swoon*


Georgia Girl said...

I love Darius! I bought my first one at Wu convention last year and no they do not come cheap. Lol!

Adrian said...

Very handsome :)

Heather said...

"I am incredibly lucky to have someone sell *me to him* at a great price"

... you hussy! hehehehe!

Seriously though, yes, he is one handsome guy, what a pout he's got going on! I can see why he'd be costly.
I love the celebrity update too! What a great idea. :) I can't wait to see the other guys that start to show up.

Brini said...

Oh yes is so delicious!! Honey, this is SPECIAL NEWS! I hope that I will luck up and find him soon. Everytime I see him I just know he is making his way to Dotsville. I'm so elated for you!!

Marta said...

Hi from spain: i like Marquis Drake. He is very attractive man. I like the story you created. I like the typical phrase 'not talk about my love life'. Very good. Keep in touch

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