Friday, February 10, 2012

Song Hyori is here!

My Ayumi arrived!! I am in love..

She has decided her name is Song Hyori. Hyori-ssi is a native of South Korea and had success as an actress in Korean dramas before coming to the US. Right now she is an in-house model for Circe Cosmetics and is in charge of hiring new models. Hyori does seem to have a side job though... nobody is sure what it is but she keeps very weird hours. It seems she may be searching for someone..

With so many of Adela's employees showing up, I really should probably make plans for her office space. I know Adela needs an office but I'm trying to come up with ideas - help me out guys!! Tell me what you'd like to see :)


Georgia Girl said...

Congratulations on getting her. She is really pretty!

Brini said...

Congrat to you, she is a pretty doll.

BarbieFantasy said...

Yes, congratulations! She is a beautiful doll. I took time just now to look up who Ayumi is; who is the artist of this doll? She is just sooo beautiful and it is cool that she is fashioned after such a neat person. It is really incredible how much I am learning about Pop Culture through our dolls. Crazy! Love it! <3

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